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“No Substitute for Victory" | The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism (Prof. J. D. Lewis, TOS, Wi. 2006-7)   E
Cool facts about Israel   E
What Really Happened In The Middle East
(David Horowitz Freedom Center, Jun 15, 2007)
The Operation in Gaza - 27 Dec 2008 - 18 Jan 2009 Factual and Legal Aspects (MFA, Jul 29, 2009)
PDF 1.8 MB E

Muslims Will Rule America, Britain ... and the Entire World; Israel is a Cancer; Jews are a Virus Resembling AIDS; Muslims Will Finish Them Off (Palestinian Authority TV Sermon, May 13, 2005 - MEMRI) Transcript

Sermons from Mosques in the Middle East
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Jihad and Terrorism
Suicide (Martyrdom) Operations
Confessions of Captured Terrorists
Minorities in the Middle East
Christianity and the West

Conspiracy Theories
U.S. and the Middle East
2004 U.S. Elections
Europe and the Middle East
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Reform in the Middle East
Cultural Issues

  E, A
PMW Hatred of the United States and the West
Children are Combatants in Palestinian Authority Ideology
Teaching Children to Aspire Death for Allah
Teaching Hatred via Music Videos and Culture
Inciting to Genocide: Palestinian Authority Racism and Anti-Semitism
Denying Israel's Right to Exist and Anticipating its Destruction
Palestinian Authority Support of Suicide Terror and Murder
Understanding Shahada - Death for Allah & Jihad
Mothers Express Joy at Son's Death for Allah
Clarifying History
Holocaust Denial
Teaching Hatred of Jews, Israel and the USA in Arab world TV
  E, A

Founder of the American Congress for Truth
Brigitte Gabriel, born in s. Lebanon

Hamas - A Profile of Terror (Conceptwizard, Mar 21, 2006)   E
Terrorism: The Root Causes (David Meir-Levi, FrontPage, Nov 9, 2005)   E
Why the N. Ireland comparison doesn't fit (H. Keinon, JP, Aug 13, 2007)
Bin Laden's inspiration (Alan Dershowitz, professor at Harvard Law School, JP, Nov, 12, 2004): "Yasser Arafat was the godfather of international terrorism who dashed his people's hope for statehood, stole billions of dollars intended for the relief of their suffering, and indoctrinated their children with so much hatred that they willingly turned themselves into human bombs."
PALLYWOOD - "according to Palestinian sources" (Bob Simon, CBS) ADSL  E
Is occupied Arab land the biggest problem of the world? (MideastProb) PP
1 MB
The Occupation ... and Other Fairy Tales (Stephen A. Berger, M.D.) PP
1 MB
A World Without Israel (Josef Joffe, Foreign Policy, Jan/Feb 2005): "Imagine that Israel never existed. Would the economic malaise and political repression that drive angry young men to become suicide bombers vanish? Would the Palestinians have an independent state? Would the United States, freed of its burdensome ally, suddenly find itself beloved throughout the Muslim world? Wishful thinking. Far from creating tensions, Israel actually contains more antagonisms than it causes."
Armed Palestinian terrorists hide in UN ambulances (Reuters, 5/11/2004) vmf
2 MB
Killing terrorist chieftains is legal
(Alan Dershowitz, professor at Harvard Law School, JP, Apr 22, 2004)
"Ask for death" is the message that the Palestinian Authority has been conveying to its children (PMW)   E
Importance of West Bank Mountain Ridges in the Era of Modern Weaponry (ACPR) PP
2.2 MB
Stuck on a Barrier That's Not on the Road Map (Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post, Aug 8, 2003): "There have been nearly 100 Palestinian suicide bombings. All the terrorists came from the West Bank, where the barrier is being built. Not a single one has come from Gaza. Why? Because there already is a fence separating Gaza from Israel. ... In America, we build stretches of fence along the Mexican border to prevent foreigners from coming in to take jobs. It takes a lot of audacity to demand that Israel stop building a fence whose purpose is to prevent foreigners from coming in to commit mass murder. As part of the propaganda campaign against the barrier, it has been called a wall. In fact, it is a fence, with electronics on either side to prevent infiltrators. It is wall-like for only about a tenth of its length -- in just two places, both along the Trans-Israel Highway. Why? Because Palestinian gunmen had been shooting from Palestinian territory onto the highway and killing innocent Israelis."
The good fences epidemic (Gwunne Dyer, JP, Feb 14, 2007)   E
Israel follows its own law, not bigoted [United Nations ICJ] Hague decision (Alan M. Dershowitz, professor at Harvard Law School, JP, Jul 11, 2004):   E
Security Fences Around the World (Jonathan L. Snow, FDD, 2/23/2004)
Separation barriers around the world (Wikipedia Encyclopedia, 5/27/2005)   E
Israel’s antiterrorist fence deserves Nobel Prize for Peace (MEI, 2003)   E
Let's remove all fences in the world! (Take a Pen!, Nov 12, 2004)   E
The Security Fence: Israel's Line of Defense (MFA, accessed 7/19/2007) PP
2 MB
Israeli security measures: cause and effect (MidEastTruth, Apr 12, 2004) PP 250KB E
Israel: the only country in the Middle East
where Christians, Muslims, and Jews can vote freely
PDF 444 KB E
Israel is the only Middle East countru where the Bahai shrine is safe PDF 1.8 MB E
Israel wants peace … PDF 460 KB E
The Danger of the United Nations (MidEastTruth) PP
1 MB
The Jews took no one's land (Arab-American journalist Joseph Farah, WND, Apr 23, 2002)   E
How do Muslims worldwide think? (Daniel Pipes, New York Sun, Jun 27, 2006)   E
The Islamic Mein Kampf (David Horowitz Freedom Center, Feb 1, 2007)   E
National Socialism and Anti-Semitism in the Arab World (Matthias Küntzel, JPSR, Spring 2005) | German
  E, D
Anti-Semitism and Islamic Expansionism (Conceptwizard, Mar 21, 2006)   E
Working definition of anti-Semitism (European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, Sep 21, 2005) PDF 48 KB E
Remembering the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust   E
Holocaust Planned by Jewish Leaders (Palestinian TV, Sep 21, 2001) 30 MB A,E
Palestinian TV, June 8, 2001: "Blessed are those who put explosives on themselves or on their sons, and enter the depth of the Jews, chanting 'Allah is Great' ... I pray to Allah that we live to see the usurping Knesset [Israeli Parliament] collapse on the heads of the Jews ..."
MPG 4.2 MB A,E
Palestinian TV (Jan 16, 2003, Apr 22, 2003): "Kill the Jew"


Palestinian TV (Feb 8, 2002): "Say to the Jews: expect your graveyard!" ADSL A,E
Interview with Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal (BBC TV, Apr 19, 2004)
Israel Under Attack. Origins of Conflict 2000.   E
America Under Attack. September 11, 2001   E
What would the world look like today, if it weren't for the events of June 7th, 1981?   E
Terrorist Incidents against Jewish Communities and Israeli Citizens Abroad, 1968-2003 (ICT/Michael Whine, Dec 20, 2003)
An Engineered Tragedy Statistical Analysis of Casualties
in the Palestinian - Israeli Conflict, Sep 2000 - Sept 2002 (ICT)
Virtually all of Palestinian casualties have been young males (World Trib.)   E
Palestinians killed since Sep 29, 2000 (Palestine Red Crescent Society, Feb 22, 2004)   E
Imagine this is happening in your home town...   E
Muslim apartheid seen on the highway to Mecca PP
418 KB
Allah is Great, Oh Little Ones, Palestinian TV, June 26, 2001:
"... I gladly welcome my Martyrdom ..."
16 MB
E, A

Solution to the Mid-East Conflict English French Spanish

413 KB
When the Palestininans say "end of the occupation", what do they mean?
285 KB

Call for a Palestinian state English Japanese French Spanish German Russian Italian Dutch Swedish Danish Romanian Portugese

228 KB

Die islamische Herausforderung. Treibende Kraft der Fundamentalisten ist nicht der Haß auf Israel, sondern auf die „Kreuzritter“
Professor Bernard Lewis, Die Welt, 14.2.2002

An unconventional Arab viewpoint [about the Palestinians]
(Arab-American journalist Joseph Farah, WND, Feb 24, 2003)
Israel's history in a nutshell (Conceptwizard)
French German Russian Dutch Danish

Israel's history in a nutshell 2 (Conceptwizard) English Russian

Who started the Six-Day War? (Sol Jacobs) PDF
4 MB
"Axis of Evil" speach of U.S. President Bush
( State of the Union Address, Jan 29, 2002)
U.S. Congress Peace Through Negotiations Act of 2000 (H. R. 5272) providing for a United States response in the event of a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state, Sep 27, 2000 PDF
16 KB
U.S. Congress Commending Israeli Democracy (H.R. 61), Feb 11, 2003

31 KB

Foreign Terrorist Organizations (U.S. Department of State)   E
State Sponsors of Terrorism (U.S. Department of State)   E
Syria and Weapons of Mass Destruction
(Center for Strategic and International Studies)
PDF 115 KB E
US National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction
(White House, Dec 2002)
PDF 424 KB E
The National Security Strategy of the United States of America
(White House, Sep 2002)
Making the Nation Safer. The Role of Science and Technology in Countering Terrorism (U.S. National Academy of Science, 2002) (PDF, 8.6 MB) E
Myths and Facts Online (JVL)   E
What Caused Rachel Corrie's Death? (Alisrael)   E
Rachel Corrie: An American 'martyr'?
(Arab-American journalist Joseph Farah, WND, Feb 28, 2003)
International Solidarity Movement - A False Legacy (NGO Monitor, 9/11/2003)   E
Palestinian Children's Education PP
690 KB
Who Shot Mohammed al-Dura? (The Atlantic Monthly, June 2003)   E

Massacre in Jenin. The false propaganda and the reality.

The true meaning of hudna (ceasefire)
1.4 MB
Arabs celebrate September 11, 2001 suicide plane crashes in the USA PP
1.1 MB
United Nations Arab Human Development Report 2002   E, A
United Nations Human Development Report 2003   E
PDF 320 KB E
The ANC & PLO | Israel and South Africa (Maurice Ostroff, Oct 6, 2004)   E
Islamisches Spanien (Eugen Sorg, Weltwoche, 35/05)   D
Concise facts and arguments to help argue Israel's case (Beyond Images, Dec 19, 2003)   E
MEMRI - Monitoring Arab and Iranian media: E, D, F, It, He, Ru, Es, Tu   E

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